Battlerite stepping into the Royale arena with it’s new Battle mode

Not wanting to be left out of the onslaught of Battle Royale games currently being released, the champions of Battlerite are now stepping into the limelight foray. Stunlock Studios brought us the competitive team arena brawler in September of 2016 and have recently revealed in their May 9th dev update  of the new upcoming game mode. Battlerite’s last game mode was met with mixed review as the mode introduced and required a degree of strategic team game play elements. Stunlock liked playing with these concepts but knew the core of Battlerite are skill based combat within quick matches.  Keeping in line with that core, Stunlock thought it best to take that core to a free-for-all elimination match on a bigger map supporting up to 20 players. Players can choose one of the 27 available heroes to solo or duo and explore the map to unlock their champion’s abilities, equipment, and some consumables to help survive the good fight. The Battle Royale started off as an internal 6-player free for all prototype the developed into the 20-player melee over the course of testing and tweaking.  Stunlock assures it’s players that the Arena will always be the main game mode of Battlerite and that the Royale will not influence their champion designs, inferring that the studio does believe this mode to be around for the long haul. Currently, there’s no set release date for the battle Royal game mode, but Stunlock is aiming for a July 2018 release on Steam.

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