Battle for Azeroth 8.0 Pre-Patch Coming July 17th

Blizzard has announced the release date for the Battle for Azeroth 8.0 Pre-Patch: July 17th (US) / July 18th (EU). Check out Wowhead’s 8.0 Pre-Patch Content Hub for everything coming in the new patch! It’s very detailed and has great info about what’s coming up.

Want to know how to prepare? Check out their What To Do Before Battle for Azeroth Guide. Blizzard also threw up a great survival guide video of what to expect:


Definitely want to call out what you need to do before July 17th before it’s no longer available:

Things to Do Before Pre-Patch

With the Pre-Patch releasing this Tuesday, you now have less than a week to complete many features which will be removed in the 8.0 Patch. Check out theirWhat To Do Before Battle for Azeroth Guide for the full details.

  •  The Chosen – This achievement will be moved to a Feat of Strength in Patch 8.0
  • First Aid Achievements – First Aid achievements have been moved to Legacy which indicates they may be unobtainable in the prepatch. (First aid is being removed in BfA)
  • Legion Elite PvP Sets – The 7.3 Elite Transmogs will become unobtainable.
  • Mage Tower Appearances – Any Mage Tower appearances not obtained by 8.0 will become unobtainable. Need help? Check out our guides.
  • Ashran and Strand of the Ancients – Both zones will be retiring. If you have any achievements that you want, it’s time to get them now!
  • Pet Charms – If you want to buy Battle Stones, buy them before the Pre-Patch! Find out more here.
  • Prestige Rewards – After the conversion into Honor, many Prestige Rewards will require much more Honor than before. Click here for more details.