Diablo 3 – Necromancer Beta Test Coming Soon

Prepare yourselves—the Necromancer beta test is right around the corner, nephalem!

Invitations to Blizzard‘s closed beta test will soon be going out worldwide. If you are invited, they’d love to hear all about your adventures on the forums, watch your live streams, and see screenshots and videos of your experiences as you wield the dark powers of the Necromancer.

Please keep in mind that the Necromancer and other parts of Patch 2.6.0 are still in development. As such, content in the closed beta may change and does not necessarily represent the final version.

For additional information about the closed beta, including how to participate and answers to frequently asked questions, hit the link below and check out the Necromancer Q&A video Blizzard put together:


Destiny 2 Launching Sept. 8

Destiny 2, the full sequel to Destiny, will be released Sept. 8 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — and on Windows PC (a huge request by the gaming community, including by yours truly), developer Bungie and publisher Activision announced today.

Pre-orders are now open for multiple editions of Destiny 2. Customers who pre-order any edition of the game will receive early access to its beta, which will be available on all three platforms. (The beta will eventually open up to people who don’t pre-order Destiny 2.) There’s no information at this point on when the beta will go live, but this summer seems likely. Check out their reveal trailer below with everyone’s fave, sarcastic Exo.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Open Beta

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is kicking off with a month-long Open Beta test! This update contains all-new progression and rewards systems, a wealth of new cosmetic items, new Hero customization options, and much, much more. Take a moment to check out the changes listed on their patch notes page or check out their Spotlight video below and then join us in playtesting the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Open Beta.