First Look At Starfinder’s Iconic Characters

Being a huge fan of the Pathfinder P&P games and lore, I’ve been pretty stoked to hear and try out anything of Paizo’s futuristic setting of PF, Starfinder, due out August 2017 during GenCon.  Paizo is finally ready to pull the curtain back on the full line-up of iconic characters for that new role-playing game and give the fans a taste of what’s to come in their new adventure.  The Paizo team plans to offer additional detail about all these characters over at the official blog over the course of the coming months in the lead-up to launch. But in the meantime, check out the full art image below, followed by each character’s name, race, and class.  Click on the image for a larger version.

Descriptions (provided verbatim from creative director James Sutter) refer to the characters in the image, beginning on the left, and going clockwise:

Raia (lashunta technomancer): Lashuntas are a race of telepaths, and technomancers are the magical version of computer programmers, hacking the laws of physics.

Iseph (android operative): Androids are artificial people, and operatives use stealth and skill to get in and out of dangerous situations.

Obozaya (vesk soldier): Vesk are powerful reptilian aliens, and soldiers specialize in heavy weapons and armor.

Keskodai (shirren mystic): Shirrens are insectile people who recently broke free from a predatory hive mind, and mystics channel the universe’s mysterious energies, often through faith in a god.

Altronus (kasatha solarian): Kasathas are four-armed aliens from a desert world, and solarians shape the energy of stars and black holes into armor and weapons for themselves.

Navasi (human envoy): Humans are… well, humans, and envoys use wit and charm to bolster their allies and demoralize or befuddle enemies.

Quig (ysoki mechanic): Often called “ratfolk,” ysoki are a plucky and hotheaded race, and mechanics build their own custom drones or rely on an implanted AI to aid them in combat.


So, who’s ready to pave the space ways with me?

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