Gloomhaven Second Print available on Kickstarter

Chances are if you’re like me, you missed out on KS’ing one of the best dungeon crawlers beloved by the boardgame community. Gloomhaven was successfully funded during its initial run and made waves and favors amongst the gamers. Problem was, that if you wanted your own copy, you’d have to be willing to spend up to $400+ to nab yourself a copy.  Issac Childers, the creator of Gloomhaven, is now focused on fixing that by starting up another Kickstarter session for the game, with updates tracks, rules, and the new solo-play variant containing up to 17 missions! The game will also have all the originally unlocked goals from the first run, an option for buying the upgraded items for owners of the previous campaign, and set to be delivered by Aug 2017. So here’s your new alert to not miss your chance this go around and get your own copy without sacrificing the bank account.


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