Twitch Really Wants You To Watch Overwatch League

Twitch is all aboard the Overwatch League train, which makes sense, considering that the streaming service reportedly paid $90 million for a ticket. Now it’s offering Overwatch players incentives to tune in.

Today Twitch announced that, in collaboration with Blizzard, it’s gonna start offering in-game rewards to Overwatch League viewers. If you link your account with your Twitch account, you’ll be able to earn League Tokens—which are a special Overwatch currency that you can use to buy OWL character skins, as opposed to regular skins—by watching. Each completed map you view live will grant you one League Token, and “a percentage of viewers” who see the final map of a broadcast will score 100 League Tokens, aka enough to buy one skin. It’s a canny move, given that viewership tends to fluctuate and, sometimes, drop off over the course of OWL broadcasts, especially when the final match isn’t meaningful.

While the above option is also available on MLG and Overwatch League’s website, Twitch will be the only place that lets you “cheer” with “bits” in order to unlock “content.” Bits are a for-purchase currency on Twitch that allow you to cheer for streamers in chat and, in effect, toss a few coins into their cup. Soon, you’ll be able to cheer on Overwatch League teams and earn “in-game hero skins that will be exclusive for a period of time, as well as emotes and team-branded items” in the process. There will also be a leaderboard to track the top cheerers, because Twitch loves gamifying everything, and I doubt they mind that gamifying team-based tribalism will earn them money.
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First Look At Starfinder’s Iconic Characters

Being a huge fan of the Pathfinder P&P games and lore, I’ve been pretty stoked to hear and try out anything of Paizo’s futuristic setting of PF, Starfinder, due out August 2017 during GenCon.  Paizo is finally ready to pull the curtain back on the full line-up of iconic characters for that new role-playing game and give the fans a taste of what’s to come in their new adventure.  The Paizo team plans to offer additional detail about all these characters over at the official blog over the course of the coming months in the lead-up to launch. But in the meantime, check out the full art image below, followed by each character’s name, race, and class.  Click on the image for a larger version.

Descriptions (provided verbatim from creative director James Sutter) refer to the characters in the image, beginning on the left, and going clockwise:

Raia (lashunta technomancer): Lashuntas are a race of telepaths, and technomancers are the magical version of computer programmers, hacking the laws of physics.

Iseph (android operative): Androids are artificial people, and operatives use stealth and skill to get in and out of dangerous situations.

Obozaya (vesk soldier): Vesk are powerful reptilian aliens, and soldiers specialize in heavy weapons and armor.

Keskodai (shirren mystic): Shirrens are insectile people who recently broke free from a predatory hive mind, and mystics channel the universe’s mysterious energies, often through faith in a god.

Altronus (kasatha solarian): Kasathas are four-armed aliens from a desert world, and solarians shape the energy of stars and black holes into armor and weapons for themselves.

Navasi (human envoy): Humans are… well, humans, and envoys use wit and charm to bolster their allies and demoralize or befuddle enemies.

Quig (ysoki mechanic): Often called “ratfolk,” ysoki are a plucky and hotheaded race, and mechanics build their own custom drones or rely on an implanted AI to aid them in combat.


So, who’s ready to pave the space ways with me?

Microsoft Reveals Xbox Scorpio’s Impressive Specs

Microsoft has promised that their next console, Scorpio, will be “the most powerful console ever,” and today the company delivered on that promise, revealing a set of beefy specs that, in terms of raw power, surpass any video game console on the market today.

In a PR reveal with Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, Microsoft revealed that Scorpio will include a custom CPU, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, and, well, I’ll let their chart explain:

Digital Foundry’s hype is breathless—“Nor can the number of compute units and teraflops represent the passion the Xbox team has injected into this project”—but in short, their technical wizards say it’s more powerful than any video game box we’ve seen, capable of running a Forza tech demo at 60 frames-per-second and 4K resolution.

This will no doubt impress gamers who obsess over CPU speeds and graphical fidelity, although Microsoft has a tough road ahead of them when it comes to regaining their footing in the console market. Since this generation started, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has dominated Microsoft’s Xbox One both in sales and software. Microsoft has struggled to compete with Sony’s first-party offerings and Japan-developed games, many of which are exclusive to PlayStation. Microsoft has canceled several of their highest-profile titles, like Scalebound and Fable Legends, which was a disappointment to Xbox faithful.

For Scorpio to truly compete, Microsoft will need to ensure that it has a lineup of games as impressive as the PlayStation 4’s. Microsoft has said that Scorpio will be out this fall. There’s no word on a price yet.


Diablo 3 – Necromancer Beta Test Coming Soon

Prepare yourselves—the Necromancer beta test is right around the corner, nephalem!

Invitations to Blizzard‘s closed beta test will soon be going out worldwide. If you are invited, they’d love to hear all about your adventures on the forums, watch your live streams, and see screenshots and videos of your experiences as you wield the dark powers of the Necromancer.

Please keep in mind that the Necromancer and other parts of Patch 2.6.0 are still in development. As such, content in the closed beta may change and does not necessarily represent the final version.

For additional information about the closed beta, including how to participate and answers to frequently asked questions, hit the link below and check out the Necromancer Q&A video Blizzard put together:

Gloomhaven Second Print available on Kickstarter

Chances are if you’re like me, you missed out on KS’ing one of the best dungeon crawlers beloved by the boardgame community. Gloomhaven was successfully funded during its initial run and made waves and favors amongst the gamers. Problem was, that if you wanted your own copy, you’d have to be willing to spend up to $400+ to nab yourself a copy.  Issac Childers, the creator of Gloomhaven, is now focused on fixing that by starting up another Kickstarter session for the game, with updates tracks, rules, and the new solo-play variant containing up to 17 missions! The game will also have all the originally unlocked goals from the first run, an option for buying the upgraded items for owners of the previous campaign, and set to be delivered by Aug 2017. So here’s your new alert to not miss your chance this go around and get your own copy without sacrificing the bank account.


Descent: Journeys in the Dark – Afterthoughts

Good Morning, Taco Brigade! (still pending)
Hope you all had a great weekend. It was a bit wet down here in Dallas, TX, but still enjoyable temps and cool breezes on Saturday gave us a chance to catch up over some beers and a new board game, Descent: Journeys in the Dark. I’ve had a chance to play the game solo a few times with the Steam app, Road to Legend, which turns the game into a single player or more co-op game instead of the usual 1 vs 4 format it comes in. This helped me learn the mechanics and the flow of the game that helped me better explain to users. Saturday was the first play for needing an Overlord which I got to fill while introducing the staff to the game as adventurers. Now, as a hardcore Pathfinder fan, I feel this game takes away tons of the RP element and focuses on combat alone.  This could be pretty mehs to folks fond of the pen and paper, but that feeling quickly turned to excitement as the staff, who do not play P&P games, loved the game because it was easy to get into and was not as robust as a P&P campaign.  Descent sets up the maps, the story, the objectives, the enemies, and any advantages and disadvantages that allow folks who are short on time or not interested in every P&P setup and roleplaying to quickly jump into a game, complete the presented mission in time that fits them, and not have to worry about rolling and figuring out every dice roll for every encounter or action.

I mentioned that I was pretty mehs about it at first because I love all the P&P mechanics. The staff is not experienced in P&P games but because of the ease of the game to get into, this game made me excited to play and teach the team how to play.  This is really a lite version of a pen and paper. Fantasy Flight did a great job on simplifying those elements into this board game that didn’t scare people off and jump right in without hesitation and the best part, they loved it and are opened to the idea of playing this monthly to complete the campaign.  Fantasy Flight offers a good deal of expansions as well with new classes and heroes and enemies that add to the campaign and replayability.  The expansions are fairly priced but can get cheaper usually from any FLGS (featured local game store).  The game does come with miniatures that are pretty durable but I did have a damaged piece and Fantasy Flight took care of it right away and gave me a few promo cards for the trouble.

Great game overall, easy learning curve, simple setup, 1 and half hour gameplay and it was a hit.  I’ll have to write up a better review for sure on the game as it’s totally worth a detailed look at the mechanics and gameplay. I also hope this is a ‘gateway’ game to get folks to try out P&P games down the road so we can try a full-fledged Pathfinder or Starfinder game.

Missouri baby gets Taco Bell-themed 1st birthday

A Missouri girl’s Taco Bell-themed birthday celebration is getting a lot of attention online.

Delta just turned one, and her mom decided to go a different route than usual for the photo shoot.

Monica Phillips says Delta loves food, but doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. Phillips and her other daughters say they love Taco Bell–and Phillip’s first unofficial date with her husband was at the fast food chain.

On top of all that, Phillips says with her second child, her water broke as she was waiting in the drive through at the same location.

I may have found my long lost relative who can taco ’bout my fave dish and eat it 24/7.  Additional details at the link below:

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE tacos! I could eat them for every meal… seriously! So you can only imagine…

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Terra Mystica out on mobile and desktops Apr 20th

Beloved strategy game Terra Mystica is finally arriving in the digital world, developer Digidiced has announced.

The studio, which previously brought Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small, Patchwork and Le Havre: The Inland Port to mobile and PC, revealed that Terra Mystica will launch on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux on April 20th.

Digidiced originally announced the port last October and has now confirmed that it will include cross-platform multiplayer. There’s no word on pricing yet, though.

The acclaimed 2012 title – currently at number four in BoardGameGeek’s hallowed rankings – pits five players against each other in a race to develop their fantasy civilization, gathering resources, building structures and exploring the world.

Matches can last for a few hours – so you should be able to fit in a couple before your delayed train arrives, if our experience is anything to go by.

After months of waiting, finally it is done:
20th of April 2017 the TerraMystica of Digidiced come to stores!
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Destiny 2 Launching Sept. 8

Destiny 2, the full sequel to Destiny, will be released Sept. 8 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — and on Windows PC (a huge request by the gaming community, including by yours truly), developer Bungie and publisher Activision announced today.

Pre-orders are now open for multiple editions of Destiny 2. Customers who pre-order any edition of the game will receive early access to its beta, which will be available on all three platforms. (The beta will eventually open up to people who don’t pre-order Destiny 2.) There’s no information at this point on when the beta will go live, but this summer seems likely. Check out their reveal trailer below with everyone’s fave, sarcastic Exo.